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After School Care has kicked off at Waitetuna School for three days per week.

Nicky Clark with the After School Care children

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon Waitetuna children now have the option

to stay at school while parents finish their day at work.

"With many working parents at Waitetuna and a growing role, our school has decided to offer an After School Care service three days a week. We just decided to make it happen!" said Margery O'Connell, School Principal.

Parents are quite happy with the new service as it allows them a little more flexibility to

juggle work commitments and travel time.

Most children stay one or two afternoons a week which means a nice balance for both

children and parents.

After School Care is led by a local woman, and grandmother of two local children, Nicky

Clark who really enjoys running the programme.

"I start to get to know the children, we play games, read books, bake cookies, do crafts, play

outside and have the occasional movie afternoon. It's their time off, so they have a big say in how we fill our time,” says Nicky.

The children love it, even to the extent they are sad when it's not an After School Care day.

Ellen van der Knaap, parent to Senna who spends two times a week at the service,

illustrates this.

"It was Tuesday and I picked up my daughter at 3pm. She was a bit upset and when I asked

her what was wrong she told me she wanted to stay with Nicky. That was actually a relief.

It's easy to feel guilty as a parent when you get someone else to look after your child. But

now I know she has a great time and she is in good hands".

Waitetuna School runs After School Care as a trial for term 2 and term 3 and will most likely

carry on after the trial period. For more information phone Margery O'Connell on (07) 825


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