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Newsletter - Week 10, Term 2 2022

Principal’s Update

Kia ora Waitetuna Whaanau, I had the pleasure taking the Seniors to Ki-o-Rahi last Friday. They did extremely well and won three games and only lost to Horotiu who are the extreme team.

You will receive your child’s mid year report today. This shares where your child sits within the New Zealand Curriculum expectations for their year level. The blue coloured band is the expected level for your child at the END of the year. This is followed up with Learning Conferences in Week 3 of Term 3. Look out for the book-ing information on these coming out early next term.

Mid year reflections

It is also a time to reflect on the learning journey of our school and how our local curriculum is developing. All schools across the country have been tasked with this and we feel that our place based learning and students learning about their place in the community and the world continues to develop well. I will be asking for your feedback on this at learning conferences time.

Property work in the holidays

we have a number of projects happening over the term 2 break. This includes the school roof being water blasted, shelves put into the new greenhouse and another layer of nonslip paint being put on the stairs. We are also hoping that the rocks on the hobbit hill will be smoothed over and concreted and also a new automatic lock gate put at the back of the school down by the garage so that our students who bike to school on Old Mountain Road can access the school from there rather than coming round the corner. These projects are all service people, parts and weather dependent though. We also have ministry appointed plumbers addressing our accessibility toilet plumbing issues—a digger will be onsite.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff and parents for all of your involvement and support for the great kids of Waitetuna School. It is always a team effort and the wellbeing and learning of our students is always in the forefront of all our deci-sions. Thanks to the staff and students for my cake and plant for Principal’s Appreciation Week.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the board for all of their hard work also. We have one more board meeting in August before the board elections in September.

There will be no newsletter in week 1 as the board has approved leave for me from Mon-Thursday of week 1 of term 3. I am head-ing to Fiji at the end of the first week of the school holidays with my husband and youngest son. My oldest son is now working and isn’t eligible for annual leave yet so that is a hard lesson of having to grow up. We are very excited to see family after two and a half years away. I know many of you are in the same situation with family overseas. We will be attending a wedding that has been put off a number of times. We are so glad to be able to attend this.

Overseas trip reminder

If you are heading overseas you need to email me to inform me. The ministry requires this information in writing for our school attendance. Have a wonderful two week break and I will see you all on my return from my trip away.

Ngaa mihi, Amanda and staff

Important Dates

  • First day back next term—Monday 25th July

  • Peace Run—meet at 266A Waitetuna Valley Road.

  • PTA AGM—Week 2, Term 3 - lock in this date for the AGM for our PTA. We would love to have you there. We will be discussing the Inter School Cross Country event which will be held on the 1st September. It is a busy day so many hands to help make this a great day and a fundraising event for our school.

  • Learning Conferences—Week 3, Term 3—Tuesday and Wednesday—school will be finishing at 1pm— both days.

Disco Action

It was great to be able to dance the evening away last Friday night. Thanks for supporting this fun event. Robyn and I also appreciated the families that stayed behind and helped us clear up after the event.


Shout out to Hitech Plastics for our new water tank for under the Junior Room out-door kitchen. They gave us the

pump at cost.

Waitetuna Way

Well done to Charlie & Ollie For having Gratitude: Be reflective and thankful.

Together we are growing the seeds of success

Na tō manaaki, na tōku manaaki, ka puāwai mai nga kākano

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