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Newsletter - Week 3, Term 2 2023

Kia ora Waitetuna Whaanau,

It was great to see practices for Junior Football and Ki-o-rahi happening between the wet weather. There is some wonderful history/whakapapa around the game of ki-o-rahi. If you haven’t heard of Ki-o-rahi it is a exciting, fast paced, fun traditional Maori ball sport that calls on strategy, and teamwork. It is often referred to as the "game of knowledge". The game is played on a circular field, with a large central area and smaller inner circles and has an ‘ice bridge’. The objective of the game is to score points by carrying or passing a small ball to one or more of the outer ‘flags’ and getting to the centre before having a rippa flag taken, or by firing a ball at a pole located in the centre of the field. The game is fast-paced and requires both physical and strategic skills. In our con-temporary version the rippa rugby tags are used. The students love it and we look forward to our inter school competition in week 9.

Reminder—School Wearable Arts is next Wednesday—17th May at 1pm for our whole school show. Be ready to be entertained.

Surfing lessons—due to the surf conditions our second lesson has been moved to Monday—departing school at 9am.

PTA AGM—On Monday evening we had the AGM. We welcome Robyn Marquand who is our stand in Chair and David Klee as treasurer and Ellen Van de Knapp remains as Secretary. Thanks to Amy Bateman and Hannah Sleeman for their roles. We appreciate you all. The Trail Run future was decided at the PTA meeting after the AGM and with no one coming forward to support the Trail Run going forward the Trail Run 5th anniversary was it’s last hurrah! We absolutely appreciate and say a huge ‘Thank you’ to our Trail Run committee and all of the school and community members that have helped out with this event over the years. We continue to work on new ways to raise funds for the school so please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Road Safety week—this week is road safety week and even though we tell the kids that it is road safety week every week it is important to acknowledge being safe means being seen on the road. Please help our children with this. Ngaa mihi Amanda and staff.

All the Happenings

  • Surfing lesson no 2—15th May—Year 5-8—from 9am

  • National Young Leaders Day—Year 7 and 8 students—Tuesday 16th May

  • School Wearable Arts Show—1pm– Wed 17th May

  • Pink Shirt Day– 19th May

  • Junior Football tournament– 19th May—Year 1-4

  • Outdoor Ed session—RAS—Year 7/8—23 May Board Meeting—23 May

  • Surfing lesson—no 3—25th May—from 10.30am

  • Raglan Art to Wear –27th May

  • King’s birthday—5th June—Public Holiday

  • Assembly—9th June and Karioi project in 9th June

  • BOOK WEEK—from Mon 12th June

  • Board Meeting—20th June

  • Mud Run—21st June

  • Pie day—22nd June

  • Ki-o-rahi tournament—23rd June

  • Matariki shared kai—29th June

  • Last day of term 2/International Mud day —30th June

Waitetuna Way

Well done to Levi & Asia Rose for CREATIVITY

Use your imagination to develop ideas

Be creative with your friends socially and in play

Think outside the square to solve problems

Waitetuna Way also goes to all the Mums—You are amazing, look after yourself and treasure your time with your tamariki.

Together we are growing the seeds of success

Na too manaaki, na tooku manaaki, ka puawai mai nga kaakano

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