Welcome to Waitetuna School

The school of opportunities. We are so proud to offer a wide range of learning experiences and fun activities for all ages. At Waitetuna School we believe that primary aged children should get involved in a wide range of experiences and give everything a go! 


Our junior room has an excellent programme in place around play based learning. Students interests and urges are pursued and withdrawl groups are taken with children for reading and maths. Writing is developed around the skills students need based on where they are at. Children make significant progress and learn at their pace, with a real love of school and learning.


As we are a small rural school we expect all students to participate in all sporting events. It is a great opportunity to develop sporting skills in different areas and being part of a team. All learning incorporates The Arts through visual arts, dance, music and performance. Our Te Ao Maori programme incorporates Te Reo and Maori tikanga.


Raglan Art to Wear is a bi-annual spectacular event in Raglan. It is held on Queens Birthday weekend. Waitetuna students (and parents!) are encouraged to enter and create their own amazing wearable art costumes. They then model and perform on stage to choreographed music, to a large live audience. There are categories and prizes with an over-all winner! A great event for all!


Each year the student leaders plan and organise a School Disco for all the children. This year our theme was Aloha. Everyone dressed up Pacific Island style. Student leaders made lemonade and provided pizza. The multi-purpose room was decorated with Hawaiian style decor and the dance music began! 


Waitetuna School Values:

Gratitude, Friendship, Integrity, Respect, Responsibilty and Confidence.

At Waitetuna School we put a strong emphasis on a caring and nurturing environment. We incorporate our school values through-out all teaching, learning and play. Our school fosters a strong sense of belonging and supports caring, nurturing relationships between students. Our school culture is developed through positive reinforcement through rewards systems using Caught Being Great certificates and a weekly superhero who wins the Waitetuna Way trophy based on our core values.



After School Care is available every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 - 5:30pm at Waitetuna School. After School Care is led by one of our local parents Jennie Cursons.

"I start to get to know the children, we play games, read books, bake cookies, do crafts, play

outside and have the occasional movie afternoon. The children love to make up imaginary games and enjoy hut making. It's their time off, so they have a big say in how we fill our time,” says Jennie.

The children love it, even to the extent they are sad when it's not an After School Care day.

Jennie also runs the Breakfast club. This is every school morning from 7 - 8 am and is a privately paid service, mostly used by busy working parents. Breakfast is included.


We have a thriving school culture that is based on a tuakana-teina system of reciprocal learning.  This means the older student leads and supports the younger student and the younger student supports and encourages them to lead. This tuakana-teina fosters a strong sense of belonging and supports caring, nurturing relationships between students.



A small group of leaders are selected at the start of the year with students submitting letters to the Principal, presenting their leadership strengths. The Leadership Team are role models to all the students. They receive training and attend team building events during the year. The Leadership Team decide on activities they want to lead during the year and work together to create successful events.


Digital fluency is about preparing our students for life and learning in the 21st Century. Digital fluency provides students with the technology and education which will set them up for their futures.In 2018 Waitetuna School staff and students are receiving professional learning and development with this focus.


Students learn most effectively when they understand what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how they will be able to use their new learning. Effective teachers stimulate curiosity,  inspire students to search for relevant information and ideas, and challenge them to use what they discover in new contexts or in new ways. They look for opportunities to involve students directly in decisions relating to their own learning. This encourages them to see what they are doing as relevant and to take greater ownership of their own learning.

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We pride ourselves in our whole school Kapa Haka. Waitetuna School enjoys participating bi-annually in the inter-school Kapa Haka festival. Kapa Haka is practised weekly and students learn waiata, poi and the Haka.


Professional surfer Daniel Kereopa runs a surfing programme in Raglan, which the school offers to our older students in the fourth term. The school van and a voluntary parent driver transport the students to the surf twice a week.


This is a day that students ask all their grandparents along to school so they can see what their grandchildren do at Waitetuna School. There are performances, shared games, the sharing of children's work and a special morning tea. A great day had by all!!

What a fantastic day! We are now hosting a Grandparents Day annually!


Waitetuna School has started a mindfulness programme school wide. Research has shown that mindfulness can provide the following results:

  • Improves focus and attention for better learning outcomes

  • Increases calm and student well being

  • Enhances self-awareness and pro-social behaviour

  • Reduces test anxiety and boosts resilience

When we are mindful we have an enhanced ability to appreciate life's beauty, and to respond to life's challenges in considered rather than reactive ways.This state of well-being results from the balance of body and mind in accord with the world around us. 


In 2018 the senior room attended an incredible ski camp where all students learnt to either ski or snowboard. Waitetuna School is now offering a full day Ski Trip every winter season, to the senior class.


Our school Triathlon is held in the first term and involves bicycling, running and swimming. Students set their own personal goals and try to achieve them. Trophies are awarded for each class based on best personal performance. Bikes and helmets are brought to school a few weeks prior to the event.


At Waitetuna School we are proud to offer professional school productions bi-annually. The whole school is involved at all levels are creating, directing and producing a spectacular production. The last two productions: The Magical Faraway Tree and Bad Jelly The Witch have both been performed at the Raglan Town Hall with great success and a full house in both the matinees and the night performance.


In May our school runs a Western Cluster Inter-school Cross Country. This is a very big event for our small rural school and eight schools attend. It is a full day event, using a local farm opposite the school. The scenery is stunning with the windfarms in the distance.

Our PTA  run food stalls and hot drinks for this event.


Middle and Senior rooms are invited to attend the Mud Run at the Christian Youth Camp in Ngarawahia each year. It is great fun for kids and highly entertaining for parents. 


Held on the 18th May Pink shirt day is about being kind, caring and inclusive in our relationships. It is an anti-bullying day that Waitetuna School calls Kindness Day.


National Young Leaders Day is an annual leadership event held in Hamilton each year. The day aims to develop student leadership and be both inspirational and practical. Today’s young people are the future leaders of our nation – equip them with the skills and values to lead well. Year 7 & 8's attend this event at a cost of $20 per child. The school subsidizes the cost.


The PCT challenge is held in Hamilton and is run by the Police. Small teams of 4 are entered and challenges involve pushing a trailer, finger print reading, problem solving and co-operative activities. In 2017 the Waitetuna School team won the trophy and went on to compete in Wellington!

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