Fundraising - 2020 

Our Fundraising opportunities are:

  • Interschool Cross Country (22 May)

  • Waitetuna Trail Run - In November. – JOB REGISTRATIONS OPEN SOON

  • Ag day – term 3, date 

Fundraising goals from 2019

For 2019 our fundraising is going towards a new Adventure Playground. Below is a mini-version of the plan.

How do we raise funds? Effectively.

We're an effective bunch. To make our efforts go a long way we became a registered charity 3 years ago - this means no gst! And more money for us. So that's #1 to make our efforts go further.

 Secondly, we like to keep things simple. Being such a small school with a small number of families, it can easily feel we gotta do so much. 

So therefore... no endless sausage sizzles, bake-offs or knocking on doors with chocolate bars. Instead 3 clear-cut moments each year that bringing the dollars we need for fun stuff at our school.​

How you can help

There are two ways you can support the PTA

  • Join the PTA committee

  • Help during events


Joining the PTA committee

The great outcome of PTA effort

What the PTA have done to raise funds