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Newsletter - Week 4, Term 1 2022

Principal’s Update

Kia ora Waitetuna Whaanau, it has been an action packed week at Waitetuna School and as I write this week’s newsletter, we are yet to have a confirmed positive case of covid-19 at our school. This has meant that our school has had the best start to the school year with little disruption. Thanks so much for your continued support in this area. It is great to see students and staff continue to strive for excellence and reach for their goals. With the latest information out about Covid in phase 3 the most relevant for us as a school at present is if a member of your household tests positive for Covid then only members of a household need to isolate. If a member of your household tests positive please let me know and as a community continue to be vigilant on monitoring for symptoms. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Last Friday saw the Junior Room Bush School start down at Totara Grove. What a triumph. The students talked with me excitedly, even though they were exhausted, about what they had seen, done and heard. What a great opportunity this is for the students. This idea evolved in lockdown in term 4 last year when Robyn took students in our school bubble down for fresh air and a different opportunity and it really is such a great way to use such a fabulous resource and the learning opportunities are endless. The Grove is a wonderful place to explore and I thank Robyn and staff for making this happen for our Junior Room. Other classes intend to join the Junior Room later in the year for different focuses.

All The Happenings

  • Life Education—28th Feb 1st , 2nd March—Nicky is now coming three days next week—Yahoo. And we will enjoy a session with Jan-Marie on Thursday.

  • Junior Room swimming demonstration—Wed 9th March—start 1.45pm

  • Middle and Senior Room Swimming—Thursday 10th March—start—1pm

  • TRYathlon—Thursday 17th March—Year 7 and 8’s start at 11.00am

  • School Photos - 29th March

  • I am Hope—4th March—supporting mental health—1.45—Senior Room

  • Karioi Project—T.B.C—working with all classes

  • Senior Room surf day with Greenwave surfing—21 March—Senior Room

Other News

At the board meeting this week one of the items discussed was the Senior Room camp. After weighing up the risks due to the covid situation it has been decided for the health and safety of students, staff and parents that the senior room camp will be delayed until week 7 of term 3 - 5th, 6th, 7th September. We thank Vertical Horizons for being able to change our booking.

Middle and Senior room swimming

Thursday 10th March

Each class will have their own designated area around the swimming pool and will remain seated and social distanced as best we can. Parents please to watch outside the fence.

1.10pm - year 3’s Middle Room

1.20pm - 8 year olds

1.30pm - 9 year olds

1.40pm - Senior Room

Waitetuna Way

Well done to Maahanga Enoka for supporting his friends in learning and play.

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