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Principal News December

Kia Ora Koutou

The end of year is approaching quickly with only two weeks left of Term 4. As this will be the last newsletter for the year (and from me) there are a few things to cover.

Firstly, there has been a change to the Ministry of Education Bus service for the Waitetuna area. Due to a review of eligible students and with community consultation, the Go Bus service (contracted by the Ministry of Education) is to be renewed for 2020. This includes the bus service for Waitetuna School, and all the eligible students for Raglan Area School. At the end of next year, the Ministry of Education will review the bus service for 2021 to assess its viability.

Secondly, private swimming lessons have been arranged with 2 Focus Swim School, for Term 1, 2020. Please make all payments to Waitetuna School (Acc 03-1563-0060140-00) Use child’s name as Reference and Swimming Lessons as Particulars.


Swimming lessons 2020

2focus have been coaching in country schools for 11 years, and coaching in clubs for over 16 years; we bring qualified coaches to offer swimming lessons to students at Waitetuna school

Start Date: 10th Feb -14th Feb, 17th Feb – 21st Feb

Cost: $80.00 for 10 lessons.

What we offer

· Block course of 10x 30-minute swimming lessons

· Swimmers are coached to their individual ability.

· Technique coaching in all swimming strokes

Start time12 pm, finish time will be dependent on numbers.

Please deposit your payment into the school bank account before swimming lessons begin in the second week of Term 1, 2020. (No credit will be given so please ensure you pre-paid for these lessons.

School Re-build 2020 Waitetuna School’s re-build is planned to take place over the summer break (January 2020). In order to fully prepare for all the alterations and school wide upgrade, staff are required to completely clear the teachers resource room off the Junior room (this is to be converted to a withdrawal room) and clear the sick bay and other areas where renovations are taking place. This clean out will take place in the last week of school in the afternoon on Wednesday 18th December. Parents and care-givers are welcome (and encouraged) to take your children home at midday on this date so as to enable teachers to adequately prepare the school for the re-build. We appreciate your support for this re-build.

Athletics at Porrit Stadium Well done to our Athletes that achieved placings at Porrit Stadium on Monday

Sofia Tovio-Smith (9 Year Old Girls) 1st Shot Put and 1st Discus:

Jet Neels (9 Year Old Boys) 3rd 100 metre sprint

Eli Fisher 2nd Discus (9 Year Old Boys)

Riley Hartgill (11 Year Old Boys) 2nd Long Jump and 2nd 800 metre sprints 3rd Discus

Ayla Gee (12 Year Old Girls) 3rd Long Jump

Georgie Benseman (13 Year Old Girls) 1st 200 metre sprint and 2nd 80 metre sprint 3rd Long Jump

Cyra Hudson (13 Year Old Girls)1st 80 metre sprint

End of Year Celebration: 12th December 5:00pm The event will start at 5pm with the formal ceremonies. This includes prize giving for each class, Senior Leavers power points and the farewell for Whaea Oli and myself. We will be sharing food and a cup pf tea at the end of the formalities, so if everyone can bring a plate of finger food for both children and adults, it would be much appreciated. The event should be winding up by 7:30 ish.

Have a wonderful summer break

Aroha Nui

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