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Newsletter - Week 10, Term 1 2024

Principal’s Update 

Kia ora Waitetuna Whaanau, week 10 marks the culmination of our combined efforts to provide a great term. It was a moment of pride as I summarised the achievements attained over the last ten weeks. The community's engagement and support underscored the significance of our collaborative endeavors. Our values, aspirations, and commitment to nurturing well-rounded learners has been seen as parents share positives. Our Living curriculum successes began with our trip down to Aramiro Paa and finished with the Junior Room at Kaniwhaniwha, Seniors at softball and the Middle Room at Kura Awa and learning lots through Garden to Table. 

And also in reflection as we head into the end of term it feels to me, as a principal, that the Aotearoa New Zealand education system is standing at something of a crossroads. Let’s be clear: this is not an education crisis; it’s a resourcing crisis. The fault lies not with our teachers, who labour tirelessly, nor with our students, who hunger for knowledge. It lies squarely with politicians who wield power but lack vision. They must step out of the Beehive, visit our schools, and listen to our stories, hear our lived experience of the reality of an education system broken by the ill-conceived policies of successive governments. Only then can they understand the urgency  – the ticking clock that determines your child’s future. 

I am not one to look at a situation with the glass half empty but I felt compelled to share with you the concerns that I have around funding in education and if we do not express these concerns then we are not heard. I regularly email Erica Stanford my concerns and if you feel compelled to help with change please do so. The Minister of Education’s email address is 

On a positive note and putting that aside the educators at Waitetuna School continue to do their very best for every one of the children at Waitetuna School. There has been a tremendous amount of amazing learning experiences and opportunities for the students at Waitetuna School. Thank you parents for all of your support with this and a massive acknowledgement to our teachers. 

I wish you a safe and happy two weeks away from school and look forward to an exciting term 2 where the students will be all involved with a whole school production. 

We wish you all a safe school holiday break.

Ngaa mihi Amanda and staff 


All The Happenings:

  • Term 2 starts—Monday 29th April 

  • Outdoor Ed day for year 7 and 8 students—8th May 

  • PTA meeting—Mon 13th May 

  • Pink shirt day—17th May 

  • Junior Football tournament –17th May 

  • National Young Leaders day—29th May—year 7 and 8s 

  • Kings birthday—3rd June 

  • Book Week including Book Fair and Booknic 

  • Assembly—14th June 

  • Ki-o-rahi tournament—Fri 21st June 

  • Matariki Public holiday—28th June 

  • Wednesday July 3rd—evening performance—Whole School Production 

  • Last day of term 2—5th July 

Our Living Curriculum

Marae trip, Life Ed, Swimming Sports, Wheels Week, Senior camp at Finlay Park, Get-Set-Go day, Kura Awa, Kura Ngaahere, Raft Race—Maui Dolphin Day, Kaniwhaniwha day camp for Junior Room, Garden to Table.

PTA Update

  • Raffle news—early counts suggest around $6,000 raised—tremendous effort 

  • PTA AGM meeting is Monday 13th 

Waitetuna Way

Well done to Brooke & Asher for:


Set your own goals and strive to achieve them (practise makes progress) 

Show persistence in my learning 

Ask questions to clarify and extend understanding 

Set yourself up for success by being prepared 


Together we are growing the seeds of success 

Na too manaaki, na tooku manaaki, ka puawai mai nga kaakano 

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