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Newsletter - Week 3, Term 2 2024


Pincipal's Update

Kia ora Waitetuna Whaanau,

It has been a very busy week of great learning. Support staff thank you—this was a special week where we take the opportunity to thank our amazing support staff. Lorna, Amberlee, Ella, Jess, Hannah, Jane, Amy, Richard, Jennie, Liz, Jessy and the other volunteers who come in to help. We sincerely thank you for everything you do. Today we acknowledge Pink Shirt Day which is an annual event where people wear pink shirts to raise awareness and take a stand against bullying. It's a day when communities come together to show support for those who have been bullied and to promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Now, let's talk about bullying. Bullying is when someone repeatedly does or says things to hurt another person on purpose. It can happen at school, online, at work, or even in neighborhoods. Bullying can take many forms, such as teasing, spreading rumours, physical harm, or excluding. For parents, one of the intentions of Pink Shirt Day is that it spreads the anti-bullying message. It's a reminder that there are efforts in place to address bullying and create safer environments for your children. It's also an opportunity to teach children about empathy, standing up for themselves and others, and seeking help when needed. By participating in Pink Shirt Day activities, we can join a collective effort to combat bullying and foster a culture of kindness and respect where everyone feels valued and safe.

Thanks to Robyn and Travis for getting the year 1-4 students to the Football tournament. On a personal level being able to attend my youngest son’s graduation this week was a proud mumma moment. After completing his Certificate of Automotive Engineering it was a moment to pause, reflect, and celebrate and also embracing the possibilities of the future. It's been a time for introspection and gratitude. Now he just has to keep hunting for an apprenticeship. I shared with the classes the neat opportunities there are at tertiary level.

All of our children have a wealth of options in Hamilton (Kirikiriroa) and seeing them take this on and achieve is certainly the number 1 reason why the teachers and I do this job. Continuing to strive to ensure students have every chance to achieve to their very best is why teaching is an amazing vocation.

Next week I have been called up for Jury Service. Participating in jury service is mandatory in New Zealand and I will do my civic duty next week. Hopefully I will be at school for at least part of the week. After a successful Wheels Week in Term 1 we wanted to make this a termly event. Weather forecast looking good enough to go ahead so students are welcome to bring along their wheels with safety gear please on Monday. 

All the Happenings

  • Wheels Week—starting 20th May—weather dependent 

  • Board Meeting—21st May—5.30pm 

  • Teacher Only Day—27th May 

  • National Young Leaders day—29th May—year 7 and 8s 

  • Kings Birthday—3rd June 

  • Book Week including Book Fair and Booknic (Wed 12th June)—starting 10th June 

  • Assembly—14th June 2.15pm School Photos—17th June 

  • Science Roadshow—Tues 18th June—10am till lunchtime—Senior Room 

  • Tough Guy/Gal—Wed 19th June 

  • Ki-o-rahi tournament—Fri 21st June 

  • Matariki Public holiday—28th June and Matariki—School shared kai—date TBC 

  • Wednesday July 3rd—evening performance—Whole School Production 

  • Last day of term 2—5th July 

  • TOD—Term 3—Monday 19th Aug TOD—Term 4– Fri 15th Nov

Waitetuna Way

Self Control

Well done to Eden and Ben 

Think before you speak (Is it kind, is it nice, is it necessary?) 

Manage yourself appropriately in both formal and informal situations 

Being adaptable when our plans change


Together we are growing the seeds of success 

Na too manaaki, na tooku manaaki, ka puawai mai nga kaakano   

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