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Newsletter - Week 5, Term 1 2024

Principal’s Update 

Kia ora Waitetuna Whaanau, what a great week we have had. A tremendous camp - two nights at Finlay Park for our years 6, 7 and 8s. Autumn certainly made itself known at camp this week. We had a great time despite the relentless rain. Thanks, Ali and the parents for making sure this ran smoothly and the kids had such a fun time. 

I headed to the Waikato Principals Conference in Rotorua after camp. It was great to connect with other Principals focus on our learning as leaders, and have a masterclass session in communication. 

Our learners have been immersed in our learning programmes for five weeks now, and in the coming days, our school will be using Progressive Achievement Tests, commonly known as PATs. PATs are assessments in mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, science and listening comprehension. These standardised, multiple-choice assessments are designed to help us as teachers and as a school understand where your child is in their learning and the progress they are making from year to year. Our year 3 students will only sit the Listening Comprehension test with our year 4 and above students completing all five. 

Maui Dolphin Day—well done to our team of students and parents who participated in the raft race on Saturday and Travis for organising this. Thanks also to the PTA who had the baking for sale at the event and the parent support for this event too. 

School swimming sports—we are looking forward to our school swimming sports event on Tuesday 12th March. This will start at 1.15 pm with some junior students doing a swimming display and then the races will begin after that. 

Purple Day for epilepsy—we are wanting to support this day as we recently had a student diagnosed with absent epilepsy. This is an early warning to find some purple clothes. 

Also on 18th March we invite all types of wheels to school with helmets and other safety gear—scooters, bikes, skateboards, and roller skates. 

Have a great weekend, Ngaa mihi Amanda and the staff. 

All The Happenings 

  • School swimming sports –12th March—starting 1.15pm 

  • Inter-school swimming sports—Thursday 14th March 

  • Wheels Week—from 18th March 

  • Assembly 22nd March 

  • Purple day for Epilepsy—Tues 26th March 

  • School photos—now term 2–Mon 17th June  Junior Room Day Camp—Thursday 28th March 

  • Good Friday—29th March, 

  • Easter Mon/Easter Tues—School closed—1st April and 2nd April 

  • Last day of term—12th April 

  • Raffle drawn 9am—12th April 

Action Stations 

Archery, Go-carts, Flying fox—just some of the fantastic camp activities 

Te Reo Maaori phrase 

Kei runga noa atu koe 

You're outstanding you're onto it 

Waitetuna Way 

Friendship (Aroha) 

Well done Jackson & Asia Rose 

Actively listening and responding to others ideas 

Support each other in learning and play 

Work collaboratively in a team 

Encourage with positive words 

Be kind to others 


Together we are growing the seeds of success 

Na too manaaki, na tooku manaaki, ka puawai mai nga kaakano 

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