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Principals News 29th June

Tena Koutou

Monday morning assemblies always amaze me with the number of students at our school that are out there participating and achieving in the sports arena: with local games of netball, rugby and soccer as well as representative players and gymnastics, cycling, running and horse events. Also we have students involved in drama and wearable arts of course. An important way to balance the busy and active weekends is to ensure children get enough sleep. Research shows minimizing screen time in the evenings also helps both children and adults to get a good night sleep, which is so essential in the winter months.

A big congratulations to Georgie Benseman, who was awarded the Sir Peter Blake Trust Leadership Award, this week. Georgie is very deserving of this award as she is particularly good at leading and excelling in sports activities, whilst also has a very strong sense of inclusion and fair play. Georgie is a natural leader who has both integrity and compassion for others. Thank you to Whaea Ali and senior room students for putting forward this nomination and Westpac Bank for the presentation. Well done Georgie!!

Reminder: Waitetuna School has introduced Cohort Entry.

This means new entrant enrolments begin at the start of the term. Children under 5 (4.7 years old or older) can begin at the start of next term

Promoting Waitetuna School The Board of Trustees are currently focusing on promoting Waitetuna School. This is being achieved through marketing and communication in the following ways: Bus Shed mural and sign (in progress), After School Care, School Van Raglan run, Website Re-design, Instagram (with a link on the Website home page), new Brochure and a new Prospectus, Raglan Chronicle and Student Editors Articles. Visits from Early Child Care Centres (planned visit for Term 3), The Windfarm Trail Run also puts Waitetuna “on the map” and has attracted International interest! The Board acknowledges that every parent is an ambassador for the school and it is in everyone’s interest if every parent is marketing the school. This means sharing with friends and family all the wonderful things happening here at Waitetuna School. An effective way to promote the school is through social media. This is how you can be an ambassador for Waitetuna School: 1) Please copy or share our website through this link on you social media (eg Facebook) 2) Please click on Instagram (on the Website) like and follow.

Ngā mihi, Margery

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